Italy Rant

I’m going to rant a bit, so please bear with me. But I’ve still not heard anything about Italian citizenship. And not just me–the December peeps haven’t heard anything as well.

We know she got up to November, because she tried to retroactively reject someone who applied then (my biggest nightmare) because in the 1.5 years since his appointment he had moved from the jurisdiction. NEVER MIND that there’s no rule whatsoever that states that post application you must remain in the area for the indiscriminate amount of time it takes for them to finally process you. Ignoring that during this time they can have NO ONE working on the applications for MONTHS at a time. No, you stay put for a few years while we sort it out. Ugh. (This was eventually contested and overruled, thank god.)

But nothing since then. No one from December has heard anything, no one from January, and definitely no one from February (where I’m at). It’s so frustrating. I have a legitimate question–when I applied back in 2014 I didn’t need my non-linear documents (the birth/death certs for the wives, basically). Which was great, mainly cause I didn’t have them. However, the new woman is requiring them, and if I’ll need them to complete my application YEARS LATER, I’d like to know now so I can start collecting them, and avoiding adding another few weeks/months to my processing time.

I emailed asking about this two weeks ago. I’ve called every day since. No reply. And the phone rings and rings until eventually a robot voice comes on suggesting I call back when they’re closed. Which I tried and that goes STRAIGHT to an automated message saying to call back when they are open.

It’s so beyond frustrating that the information is being withheld. If someone would answer and just say yes or no. Just say, oh we’re working on it but it’s slow going so we’re still on December. ANYTHING to imply there are actual living humans working on this thing that is so incredibly important to me. Pero nada. Es horrible.

I really thought I’d have it by the end of May. That hope is QUICKLY dwindling, but it HAS to be soon. Right?!?!

One thought on “Italy Rant

  1. Amy says:

    Sounds so frustrating, keep the faith though, I’m sure things will sort themselves out. We have had horrid dealings with the Spanish and Vietnamese government’s in the past trying to get visa-related issues sorted, I know it can be so annoying. You will get there though.

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