Italian Citizenship Update

The last time I posted about this, it was to say that the consulate was taking a crazy long time to process applications, and I was already month past when I was supposed to receive my passport.  In August of 2015 (THREE MONTHS) after I was supposed to hear back), someone contacted the consulate and realized something actually had gone wrong, and they had stopped processing EVERYTHING. This was definitely not ideal, and wasn’t fixed until January. However, someone called in and was told they have caught up a bit, and as of January 22nd were processing September of 2014–only two months before me!

As some time has passed I realize I’m getting closer and closer to it potentially being time to hear something. ANYTHING. And the more I realize this, the more impatient I get. It was hard knowing nothing was happening. But I knew NOTHING was happening, so it was frustrating but there was no impatience. No nerves. Now I’m terrified that the woman who was sent to replace the previous woman is going to retroactively reject my application. Also there haven’t been any updates since January 22nd! Some may say that’s only two and a half weeks, but I’d argue it’s felt more like two and a half YEARS. So I emailed in very broken, Google translated Italian asking for an update. I’d done this once before in English and never heard back, but I’m hoping the Italian will work in my favor. Also they have GOT to be close to processing me by now!

Fingers crossed it all goes quickly and smoothly from here on out. I’ve been working on this for years, and I am SO ready to be a member of the EU.

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