Cross Stitch World Map Project

Look at the cross stitch project I’m currently working on!

I’m having such a good time with it, and figuring out how the colors best fit and watching it come together has been so fun. Also when I first moved here I could only find one knitting needle, and thinking I had left the other one back in LA, I bought cheap ones to try to finally finish my blanket. They bent almost immediately and I took a break from knitting. I just found the second needle under my bed! I can potentially maybe finish my blanket sometime soon! I only have two patterns to go!

Also I don’t think I ever posted the finished elephants I did for my mom, which are below. I’m very pleased with the results! (This photo is obviously pre-iron.)

One thought on “Cross Stitch World Map Project

  1. Donna says:

    Great job on the cross stitch. Tried it once – not my thing… not one of those who find it relaxing. It’s amazing how the simplest designs took hours to do… for me at least 🙂

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