30 Before 30 – Get an IUD

Birth control. Perhaps somewhat of a controversial topic (if you are an uber conservative d-bag, yeah, I said d-bag), but also an incredibly important one–that I managed to avoid for years. I was getting on fine using condoms, and was honestly terrified by the idea of hormones, and mood swings, and weight gain, and blood clots, and also the sole thing keeping me from getting pregnant being reliant on me remembering to take a pill at the same time every day (not likely). Honestly, birth control felt fairly terrifying. Terrifying but, as mentioned, important, so on the list it went. After a LOT of research, and also considering many, many horrors stories I’d heard from friends and random people on the internet, I decided on getting an IUD.

IUDs are basically little coils placed inside the uterus that keep you from getting pregnant. There are three kinds that last between 3-10 years depending on which you get, all it takes is one appointment to get it inserted, and then you’re done. Baby free for years! (Obvs it can be removed early if you decide being baby free is no longer for you.) I went for the 5 year option, Mirena.

Easy, right? Kind of! I had to wait until I could take time off to go home (my health insurance only works on the side of the country in which I don’t actually reside), and then had to come to terms with ALL the horror stories about insertion posted online. I have a high pain tolerance but it was pretty terrifying. I started feeling like I had no options that I felt good about except this one, which apparently required me to voluntarily submit to torture. So I’m just going to throw this out there for anyone considering it–was not a big deal for me at all. There are three semi painful parts, with the second being the most intense–but right when it was verging on going from uncomfortable to painful, it was over. I literally hopped off the examination table and went on with my day. I had bad cramps for about two days straight (this was honestly worse than the insertion), and then intermittently over the next week. Bit graphic, but I spotted for about a month straight and obviously that is something to deal with re: the having of sex.

Then a month went by and I haven’t noticed it once. A slightly annoying month for FIVE years of birth control I never have to think about again is pretty much the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m beyond pleased with it. Also huge shout out to Planned Parenthood in Boston. I’d never been to a PP before, and they were really amazing. So reassuring and experienced. I’d put down the ease of my insertion to their bedside manner and the huge amount of experience they have with IUDs. An around win, this one.

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