A good one, at that. I was pretty sure once the holidays were over and Hollywood was focused once more, some openings would pop up. The hardest part about being unemployed was not knowing how long it would last. If I had a date I would DEFINITELY have a job by, I could have budgeted, I could have planned, I could have maybe even traveled. But instead, I had to be ready to work at a moment’s notice, but also budget like I would be unemployed indefinitely. It was pretty depressing.

I’m also someone who really needs a reason to get up early and face the day. Otherwise I sit around alone all day, going down a rabbit hole of worry and anxiety. I was able to avoid that for a while this time, but right around Christmas my anxiety was getting pretty bad. Then I made myself a deal–I would pretend I was just on Christmas break. I would completely enjoy the holidays, pretend I was coming back to a job (though keep the budget just as tight), and just RELAX. Which I mostly was able to do. (Honestly, I did drop the ball on relaxing completely, but that was after a health scare that came out of nowhere and really threw me/my anxiety).

And right before Gareth arrived, I got a call from my friend who works on Switched at Birth about temping there for a few weeks straight after the break. I was SUPER excited because I LOVE that show (Bay is SUCH a strong female character), and also because I had a (temporary) job to go back to! I was there last week and it was really amazing. The people I was working for were really nice and inclusive, and the entire staff, cast, and crew were all extremely friendly and welcoming, which can be really rare. I got to go to the table read for the first episode back, and meet all the writers/producers/actors I’ve been a fan of for so long. I’m even in this picture!

I was supposed to be there for the next two/three weeks, but over the weekend was asked to interview and hired on the spot to be the writers PA on The Leftovers! This is SO exciting for a few reasons. One: DAMON LINDELOF. Enough said, no? I’ve been watching interviews with him since I was in high school and completely obsessed with LOST. He and Joss Whedon are basically the two people responsible for me realizing TV writing was a job, and a job I very much want to do. So the high schooler in me is kind of freaking out. Two: It’s a GREAT, well written show on HBO. Kind of the dream. Three: It runs for most of the year, meaning I don’t have to deal with being unemployed until next year, hopefully. Four: I am getting paid again! I can’t remember what it’s like to not wake up at night stressing out about money. It still hasn’t really sunk in–I am not completely, 100% broke anymore! I can maybe spend the next few months getting my finances back on track! The only downside is I might only get to see Gareth for a few weeks over the next ten months, which is pretty devastating. But last year was really lucky, and just what we needed to be strong enough to do long term long distance.

So overall, the start of 2016 has been AMAZING. I heard another show I love that was on the bubble is getting picked up for another season, so basically the fan in me has had QUITE the start to the new year. As has the financier. I start the new gig Wednesday and am so beyond happy, it’s hard to put into words!

Hello, 2016!

I can’t believe 2015 is over. Done. Gone forever. It was a big year for me, quite a bit happened, some other stuff failed to happen, but looking back I wouldn’t change a single second. It was the first full year I spent spent with my boyfriend (with as in with, not physically together–though I can’t wait for the December 31st I get to say that!). We spoke every day in 2015, there wasn’t a thing that happened, big or small, that he wasn’t by my metaphorical side through. We also got to experience living together, building a home (or at least bedroom) together, and the joys of an Ikea trip as a couple.

I traveled more than I did the year before, which I always want to be able to say. I went to Idylwild, London, Cornwall, Turkey, Iceland, Morocco, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Boston, and New Hampshire. I took 21 flights, went to three new countries and three new states. I showed my boyfriend around Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara for the first time–his first (and second!) trip to the states. I checked seven things off my 30 Before 30 list, and am well on the way to finishing a few more.

I spent the holidays in Boston/New Hampshire/Martha’s Vineyard with my family and Gareth. It was so nice having everyone together–and I FINALLY got to end my constant losing streak when playing games against Gareth. I beat him in Golf, Phase 10, and TWICE in a row at darts. It was a beautiful trip that was a long time coming.

I also struggled with finding employment and the stress inherent in that. I have an update which I’ll talk about in a different post, but I can FINALLY say I’m on the other side of it, and the relief and happiness is indescribable. 2016, I am so ready for you!


Hey blog/blog readers (aka, Mom)!

I’ve decided to make some changes. I realize by updating only when I’ve crossed something off my list, I’m forced to wait ages between posts, and we’re missing loads of little but important things in between! It’s like when you see an old friend and they ask what you’ve been up to–because they don’t know any of the day to day stuff, the new recipe you found or the great book you’ve just read don’t matter, only the big life events. I want this blog to be like a day to day friend. So while I will continue making the big, milestone posts, I want to do smaller ones too.

For example, my amazing, wonderful, fill-in-your-complimentary-descriptor here, boyfriend just came to visit me! His first time in Los Angeles! We did really great things like see Florence and the Machine from VIP seats at the Hollywood Bowl, and road bikes from Venice to Santa Monica, and hiked the Hollywood sign, and took a quick trip to Santa Barbara, and watched A LOT of Parks & Rec. Confession: we may have spent our night in SB just hanging in our airBnB, drinking wine, eating chocolate and chips, and watching Netflix. And it may have been THE BEST.



IMG_3877 IMG_3913 IMG_3836IMG_3811

I included this one just to embarrass him. He was voted "best body" in high school, which is incredibly amusing and a tiny bit annoying.

This one is just to embarrass him. He was voted “best body” in high school, which is incredibly amusing and only a tiny bit obnoxious.

I saw two of my best friends/old roommates from Boston in September. Jussie lives in Australia with her boyfriend, and Emily moved to Idaho to work at a school for kids with behavioral issues in Montana. I haven’t seen them since (surprising them at) their going away party two years ago. Jussie had to come back to the states for a wedding, and then planned to go to Emily and fly out of LA after staying with me. However, I have nothing but free time and loads of airline miles, so I flew to Emily too, and had one of the best experiences ever. I’d never been to the midwest, but WOW is it gorgeous. I tried to be selective, but WAY too many pictures below. It was like living in a painting.

IMG_3314 IMG_3344 IMG_3364 IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3492  IMG_3500    IMG_3445

Also we added an accent wall, and I think it has made our apartment SO much nicer. It’s just so homey and comfortable. And orange is my favorite color.


Lastly, I’m unemployed, and that is kind of the worst. I knew it would be tough getting back and finding a job, but I didn’t know it would be THIS tough. I didn’t want to talk about this cause it stressed me out so much, but it’s also a pretty big thing going on in my world right now. I would never change anything, because living with my boyfriend and seeing more of the world meant so much to me, but I am really, really excited for when I can once more join the work force and feel a little less adrift.

And that’s it for now! Mostly because I am starving and am going to go home to make an incredibly cheap, very healthy meal that maybe I’ll blog about tomorrow!