Some bits of news

Quite a few exciting things have happened in the past few days…

One year ago today I flew back from London, feeling very sad and missing Gareth very much, but ALSO feeling very determined to quit smoking. So I had my last cigarette on British soil, and haven’t had one since. Happy non-smokiversary!

My momma bought her plane tickets to visit me in Spain/England for Christmas. She’s coming to me in Spain for a week before we fly to London for a night, and then head down to Gareth’s hometown in Cornwall. My mom’s never been outside of  North America, and I’m SO happy I get to be there for her first trip. I’ll have 2.5 months to get to know Spain well enough to confidently show her around, and also to mentally prepare for the meeting of the families. (Ah!)

I signed up for Spanish classes in Logrono. They’re twice a week for an hour an a half each, and were SIXTY Euros for the whole 8 months I’m there. Thank you Spanish government! I talked to people who’ve taken the classes before, and have heard nothing but really positive things. They start at an A2 level, and according to a test I took this morning I’m B1. But a B1 who seriously lacks confidence, so A2 should be the perfect starting point.

I finally finished my sister’s bday present (only three months late!) and I think it turned out pretty well. Minus I hate the lettering, but she likes it so c’est la vie.


And I’m pretty sure Lee, the friend who I went to Turkey with, is buying tickets this week to visit me in Spain, which I am already planning epic road trips for.

Speaking of road trips, Gareth bought his tickets to come to Logrono when I arrive, and I’ve planned a REALLY cool trip for us to take. I’ll have a few weeks before classes/work starts, so other than San Mateo we’ll spend our time exploring Asturias, which is meant to be the most beautiful region in Spain, before it gets cold and rainy and we’ve missed our shot. Oviedo to Cuderillo to Mirador del Fito to Covadonga Lakes and finally to hike La Ruta del Cares. Estoy muy emocionada.

Lastly my glorious friend Maggie used her hair dressing skills to cut my insanely long hair. Pretty much I hate all haircuts because no one ever actually leaves my hair long. But Maggie did, and thus it’s my favorite hair cut ever because it’s still long, but no longer too heavy to curl properly. Thank you, Mags!

I’m finishing packing up, finishing up Brady’s pet visa, SERIOUSLY STRESSING ABOUT SELLING MY CAR, and also squeezing in a major medical procedure in my last few days. Things are happening!

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