So many updates…

Well it’s been a minute. Things that have happened since my last post –

  • I traveled to Ethiopia and Kenya
  • I took a two week intensive French course in Montpellier
  • Gareth and I had a lovely weekend in Sevilla
  • I FINALLY went back to Los Angeles (first time since leaving in 2016!) and watched two great friends get married and visited so many people I love.
  • I moved back to London(!)
  • I started working back at Marie Stopes International on the South East Asia Team, mainly supporting the Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Vietnam country programmes (LOVE my job).
  • I took the exams for my first year of my masters (it was HARD but I think I passed them all!)
  • Brady got sick and very nearly died (but he didn’t)

So there’s a lot to catch this blog up on. First, I had to make the incredibly difficult decision to leave Madagascar. That’ll be a whole post, but basically I had some health stuff come up (on top of being insanely sick most of my time there anyway!) that needed a bit more treatment than I could get there. Still dealing with some of it – I spent 13 hours at the hospital in the middle of my exams because I have parasites in my lungs and intestines (and maybe heart??). Not ideal!

To learn more about the work I was doing in Madagascar for project Mitao, read the blog post I wrote for the SEED website here.

But now that I’m free of exams and have my life back a bit, I can finally work through the backlog of what life has been these past three months. So watch this space, more to come soon – first up about Ethiopia and Kenya because they were dreamy.

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