New Kitten!

We got a kitten! And by “we,” I mean I finally convinced my roommate to get a kitten. Her incredibly loved cat passed away over the summer, and while she is very missed, there’s been a hole in our lives (and apartment) that needed filling! My cat, Brady, has been pretty depressed being the only kitty in the house, especially since I’ve gone back to work. Now he has a friend. And such a CUTE friend at that.
We got her last weekend because we both had Monday off and could use the extra day to get her settled in. Turns out LA is currently lucky enough to have a cat shortage, and most of the five shelters we went to were completely out of cats. Which was half AMAZING because animals in cages make my heart hurt, but less amazing because we wanted one! Eventually we found a non-profit that was having an adoption fair at a Petco, and it was there we found Jack. She’s a diluted tortoiseshell kitten, and is SO friendly. She was bottle fed, and loves sitting in people’s laps. Anyone’s lap, really. She’s completely unafraid. When  you first bring a kitten home you’re supposed to let them hide, keep them in a single room, and away from other animals. This little girl never hid, meowed until she could meet Brady, and wanted to explore the whole apartment immediately.

IMG_0217 IMG_0218 IMG_0208 IMG_0200 IMG_0475-2 IMG_0382 IMG_0447 IMG_0488

She and Brady are getting along really well, they play all night and have never been aggressive towards each other! Brady is not territorial at all, and was more afraid of h er when she first arrived than she was of him! He’s also stopped sadly meowing so often and has become less needy when I’m home, which is so nice! He’s so much less lonely!



So we don’t forget how cute this little (big) guy is.

Welcome to the family, Jack. It’s so nice to have you!

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