Flat Tour

We moved into our flat back in early November, but due to engagements and 30th birthdays and the holidays, we are really only now getting properly settled in. Our sofa arrived just after we got back from the states, we ordered a dryer(!) and are trying to figure out how to make the kitchen more practical for us.

We’re also sorting out all the decor, which has been super fun! I’m really enjoying trying to make everything look nice and well put together – something that can be challenging on a budget and in often wonky old Victorian flats.

I’ll do a quick tour of the flat on move in day and where we’re at now – but this is just a starting point – loads more to do!

Living Room

As with every room, there’s a long way to go (coffee table, new TV stand, rug, maybe repainting the bookcase? Light grey?), but here’s what we’ve done so far:


We have big plans for this room, but as of now all we’ve done is thrift the below (gorgeous) table:

Guest bedroom

I was not feeling this room when we first moved in, but it has become my favourite room in the flat! It’s crazy what a lick of paint can do. There’s still a lot of details to work on and some furniture to swap out, but I’m so pleased with the changes thus far!


This room is huge and has lovely floorboards, but it’s actually a bit tough to figure out how to layout the space so it all looks nice and cohesive. Very much a work in progress! We did buy a super king bed and bed frame on sale and it has been amazing having so much space.

Third Bedroom

All we’ve done with this room is rip down the wallpaper and put in a daybed and dryer. Still figuring it out!


This is on the top floor between our bedroom and the third bedroom. It’s nice and if we change it would be last on the list, but it’s not really to my taste so we may make some changes!

Downstairs bathroom

This room is pretty horrible and needs a lot of work. I do think I have some ideas on how to manage the space, it’s just about finding the time and money to implement. It does have a really great shower though!


These need replastering and repainting and just general upkeep. Still trying to figure it out, but it’s low priority at the moment.

And that’s everything! We are still in the honeymoon phase I think where nothing too terrible has happened yet (touch wood) – so it all still just feels like a dream that it’s actually ours. Hopefully we don’t mess it up too much!

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