Anyone up for a trip to Alaska?

Two of the states I’m the most excited to visit are Alaska and Hawaii. I’m not sure if it’s because they feel so different from the continental US, or if I’m just intrigued by their distance the and perceived challenge of getting to them. I say perceived, because my personal travel philosophy is that you can get anywhere without spending much money if you’re determined enough.

And the trip to Alaska is becoming a real thing! Last week Katie and I applied for this credit card. After your first use (meaning after spending anyamount of money), you get 25,000 Alaska Airline miles. Which just happens to be enough miles for a RT flight from Los Angeles to Anchorage!


Our cards arrived last night and we each purchased something with them, meaning the miles will be posted to our accounts in 2-3 weeks. As of right now we’re aiming for a March trip, because that’s when the Northern lights are the easiest to see from Alaska, and man do we want to see the Northern lights.

I’m a little sad to go while it’s still predominantly dark, especially looking back on how cool the constant light in Iceland was this summer, but if the exchange is the Aurora Borealis, I am so down. Plus I love snow!

Also itching to see the Northern Lights? A big fan of The Proposal? Get the card and Alaska is well within reach for you too!

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