2018 Goals

So I didn’t accomplish most of my 2017 goals, but I’m giving myself a pass on self improvement and instead feeling proud I got through the year at all!

That said, I have some big (though not necessarily new) goals for 2018!

SPANISH. I am SO upset that I lived in Spain for nearly a year and didn’t leave with a higher level of Spanish. I’ve signed up for three courses here in London, the first was far too easy, even though I took their placement test, and the other two have been cancelled last minute due to insufficient enrolment. Why doesn’t anyone else care about Spanish?! I’m talking a placement exam with Instituto Cervantes, the official Spanish program, in a little over a week, and am definitely finding a class soon. I have two goals, one easy and one a bit harder. I want to pass the B1 exam that is being given in May. That should be easy as I don’t think I’m far off now. The harder one is that I want to pass the B2 exam that will be given in November. Eek! I’m quite nervous but that would be a HUGE goal I would feel so amazing to have accomplished.

I want to be physically strong again. I’ve barely worked out in the last six months and have eaten everything and anything unhealthy. I definitely gave myself a pass with my mom’s cookies at Christmas, but overall I’ve been eating better and I want to keep it up—I’ve even done a few Barry’s Bootcamp classes, which were hard when I was fit so they are basically torture now!

Learn to drive a standard. Living in the outskirts of London and not being able to drive is not great! Not being able to drive in Cornwall is worse. Most European cars are manual, and I need to get on it and give myself back the freedom of the open road!

Catch up on this blog. I have travel that I need to write about dating back over a year! I want to get it all down, as looking back through old posts makes me so happy–it’s a great record to have of everything I’ve done.

Get content. Like I said before, I’m having a hard time feeling at home in London. I think it’s a mixture of a few things–we don’t live in a very lively area, my commute is about  2 hours round trip, and I’ve been feeling out of control of my future. But I’m taking steps to correct this, as discontent isn’t my thing! We’re moving next week to a flat that is WALKING DISTANCE to the tube! That will cut my commute and make London so much more accessible. I’m traveling more, and taking classes (the aforementioned Spanish and I’ve also signed up for a pottery class!) I’ve also remembered that the future possibilities are endless, and I think maybe even just that realization will give me the boost I need to cheer up a bit.

Travel. There are so many places I still want to go in Europe, and as I have no clue how long we’ll be here, I’d like to get as much of Europe done as possible. This year, I’m thinking the most about Greece, Portugal, Granada, Latvia, Estonia, and Hungary. We’ve also got tickets to South Africa and Egypt already booked! I’m sure I won’t make it to all the above, but even getting to a few would be fantastic. I’m also quite keen to do Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Ukraine. Ugh, there’s so much of Europe left to see!!

That’s my overall thinking going into 2018. Really, I just want to feel like myself again, which is already happening, and getting back to normal and refocusing on the things that bring me joy can only help!

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