Wow. Well, time really got away from me here. I have so much to belatedly update this blog on. Thanksgiving was AMAZING. The weekend after, I left for Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, and Poland, which was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. Three days after returning from that, my mom arrived from Boston, and it was so amazing to be able to show her where I live, and watch her experience Spain/Europe for the first time. Spoiler alert, she loved Logroño and wants to retire here. Honestly, who wouldn’t? After a WONDERFUL week in Spain, we left for London and Cornwall, which was too good to even sum up accurately. Basically I spent 6 weeks trying to balance out the crap that was 2016!

Speaking of, has everyone seen this?!

I’m back in Spain now and living the post-Christmas, post-holiday, post-family, and post-Gareth blues. This is the first time Logroño hasn’t felt like home, or that I’ve felt homesick. I’ve had days where I’ve really missed people, but never where I felt out of place here. And thankfully that feeling is already fading, but getting back into the swing of things was harder than I expected it to be. Boo.

Things haven’t even really calmed down though! This weekend my friend Lee arrives, and we have two weeks with her in Spain and a weekend in Belgium to look forward to. Right after that it’s my birthday, Gareth arrives, and then the Super Bowl (let’s go Pats!), so the excitement and complete craziness will continue for about another month. Time. is. flying.

I have so much more to talk about–I renewed for another year here. I have MAJOR Italian citizenship updates. I have to figure out what my life will be this summer. But I just wanted to check in and say happy 2017, and that I´m still here.

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